How does flying into a world class competition ski lake, taxi-ing up to your
own custom built home, and skiing your brains out sound? NOT TOO BAD we
think. Hey, you can even drive up if you want; you're only 2 hours from 
downtown Los Angeles.

20 exclusive home sites with the finest amenities  
available.  Park like surroundings; sparkling  
clear, constantly maintained waterways,  
gated security (full time caretaker); airpark  
accommodating all singleengine and  
some twin engine aircraft. Climb into  
your skis and ski on twin ski lakes  
designed for world-class multiple  
event capability.  Smooth water  
ALL the time!   

(slalom, jump, barefoot, wakeboard, tubing, waverunners)

Site sponsored by member Bradley Rice and 
Mortgage Corp. of America Inc.